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It's really dorky, but I love books, especially second-hand ones, because I like to imagine that the books have their own story beyond what's written in their pages:

1. David Attenborough's Life on Air

I recently ordered David Attenborough's autobiography, Life on Air, from a bookseller via Amazon.com. It arrived yesterday, but I didn't manage to take a look at the book until this evening.

It looked like a regular paperback until I flipped open to the first page, where I discovered that it was autographed by the man himself to a person called "Ann". I'm just very curious, because the original owner of the book, "Ann", obviously was a big enough fan of David Attenborough to buy his autobiography and also to attend a book signing. Why, then, would she get rid of the book? Also, it's the British edition (£7.99), so how did it end up in a second-hand book seller's in Hammond, Indiana? I suppose I'm romanticizing things, but I find the book's journey quite interesting. And now it's in my apartment in suburban Hong Kong. It's really gone around the world. :)

2. P.G. Wodehouse's Much Obliged, Jeeves

A while ago, I bought the above short story from a second-hand book store in Hong Kong for HK$5 (less than US$1). It turned out to have been published in the UK in 1971, but had come from a lending library in Chennai, India! The Indian library is called the Easwari Lending Library, see above photo. I wonder how it ended up in Hong Kong (from one former British colony to another)!


Dec. 20th, 2007 09:39 am (UTC)
Haha me too! I got a book that's literally falling apart from, oh i don't know, the sixties or earlier, telling you the healing properties of different wildflowers for my sister's christmas present.


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